Andrew Frewing-House

Paranormal Expert, Event Manager, Actor and Radio Presenter



Andrew made his first appearance on TV in 2003 on Southamptons Six TV on their afternoon topical show. The show although local, was a success.


In 2005 Andrew was contacted by Living TV for a show called Derek Acorahs Ghost Towns where he worked behind the scenes as the paranormal advisor. Andrew also appeared in the filming.


Later that year Andrew contributed as a researcher for Channel 4's 'Real Exorcism Live'.


In 2006 Andrew appeared on ITV on a segment recorded at Buckingham House in Portsmouth.


In 2008 Andrew appeared on TV again, this time in Australia for Network Ten and MTV Australia.


In 2008 and 2009 Andrew appeared in the debate audience for Big Brothers Big Mouth on Channel 4.


In 2013 Andrew was approached by local University station in Winchester WINOL online where he was part of a Halloween broadcast about the Winchester Ghost Walk Experience.


In 2014 Andrew was broadcast on the Big Screen in Portsmouth for Portsmouth TV in a show recorded with Supernatural Tours in Fort Widley.


In 2015 Andrew appeared for Supernatural Tours on Solent TV at Fort Widley and 2016 for a show about the paranormal.

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