Case studies

Andrew Frewing-House

Paranormal Expert, Event Manager, Actor and Radio Presenter



Over the years Andrew has conducted 100's of paranormal research investigations. Many of those are private ones but he has also completed them for public venues.


Andrew has completed many private investigations in Southampton. He conducted the first investigation at Tudor House and spent several years continuing the research.


A year later Andrew went on to conduct investigations at the Bargate, West Gate, Gods House Tower and The Merchants Hall. All of which were the first investigations.


Andrew has also investigated The Vaults in Southampton, The Brickworks, Square Tower, Monks Bar, Felton House, The Dolphin Portsmouth, Rose in June, Round Tower, Gosport Discovery Centre and Buckingham House which were all first investigations.


Andrews most notable research was during his time living at Wymering Manor where he conducted regular indepth research over a 2 year period.

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