Andrew Frewing-House

Paranormal Expert, Event Manager, Actor and Radio Presenter



The paranormal has always played an important part in Andrews life. As a young child Andrew recalls reading books from renowned author Peter Underwood and watching TV shows such as Sightings and Strange but true. His paranormal journey was about to begin.


At the age of 12 years old Andrew began conducting investigations at places including Netley Abbey and by his late teens her was running a paranormal research group in Southampton.


In 2003 Andrew appeared in the Daily echo and appeared regularly on radio stations including South City FM and BBC Radio solent. He also wrote regular articles for the BBC website. He also appeared on Six TV.


Over the next few years Andrew continued to appear on stations including Ocean FM, Power FM, BBC Radio, The Saint whilst building up a reputation in the paranormal.


In 2005 Andrew worked on Living TV's Derek Acorahs Ghost Towns for one episode.


In 2006, Andrew met James Kemp and formed UKPRS which later became Supernatural Tours due its popularity. Andrew featured reguarly on Spire FM and Portsmouth's Quay Radio including a special live Halloween event.


He also apeared on ITV on a Halloween broadcast in Portsmouth in 2007.


In 2008 Andrew travelled to Australia where he took part in investigations in venues includng Old Melbourne Jail. He returned to the UK and continued to work on a range of private ghost hunts and worked alongside Moust Haunteds David Wells on a series of events.


In 2009 Andrew and James launched Supernatural Tour which hosts a range of ghost hutning events and had expanded to include corporate events theatrical events and more.


In 2010 Andrew worked with Galaxy FM, Wave 105, Oirignal FM and appeared in publications for The Portsmouth News, Chat Its Fate, Womans Own and travelled the UK worked on paranormal events.


In 2011, Andrew hosted a large event with TV's Colin Fry and in 2012 he worked with Richard Felix whilst continuing to work on events and work in the media.


In 2015, Supernatural Tours has expanded to include a range of events. Andrew also appeared on Solent TV and in the Hampshire Cohronicle and Daily Echo.

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